The objective of Handheld Ministry is to enable people to use handheld devices more effectively so they are more fruitful in life and ministry.
Bile Software Updates  -  Thursday, December 30th
Laridian has released an upgrade to MyBible. MyBible 4.0 now includes reference books like Life Application Study Bible Notes and Tyndale Concise Bible Commentary. It also features split-screen viewing with synchronization, dictionary lookups, and improved verse history. GMP Soft released version 6.00 of Bible with You for Palm OS and Pocket PC which features images and dictionary as well as pop-up definitions of the words in the Bible. And has released QuickVerse PDA 2005 for Palm OS and Pocket PC. It features a redesigned interface, split-screen viewing, and an improved verse finder. We will update the Bible Program Review in the next week to include these upgrades and others.
Palm OS Buying Tips Update  -  Wednesday, October 8th
We've updated our Palm OS Buying Tips with the latest devices from Pa1mOne (formerly known as Palm Computing), Handspring, and Sony. We've also included Palm OS phones.
Using Handhelds in Kosovo  -  Tuesday, July 1st
We brought 55 Palm devices, mainly Palm m100s, with educational programs to two different schools, a public high school and a private English school. Needless to say, it was a hugh success with both teachers and students. It was the first time they had ever held a 'mini-computer'. You can read more here
Using Handhelds in Kosovo  -  Wednesday, June 4th
Discovery Ministry has been involved in Albania/Kosovo ever since 1999. After helping the Kosovars as refugees, now we are helping them rebuild their lives and homes in Kosovo. One way we are doing that is helping them learn English. With 80% unemployment, knowing English is a great help in getting a job. We are using games, activities, and Palm OS devices. The main program we are using is English Tester by Slawomir Magdziarz and Radoslaw Nowak. Although some of the tests are difficult, the students enjoy using them. Most are getting to use a mini-computer for the very first time!

We are in Kosovo right now and will return to the U.S. in a few weeks. We will write more on this unique opportunity when we get back.
Bible Program Review for the Palm OS Update  -  Monday, May 5th
We've updated the Bible Program Review for the Palm OS and we have an exclusive first look at the new MyBible 3.0! It includes the much requested features of highlighting and user notes, several new translations, and the price has been reduced.
Also updated is Bible With You which now includes bookmarks, new translations, and several Bible study aids.
Ideas for a New Program  -  Wednesday, April 30th
Do you have a great idea for a new program? Do you have a feature that you would like to see included in a new Bible program? A developer is looking to create some programs that will help believers make their Palm OS device more useful. He is also considering developing a new Bible program for the Palm OS. If there is a feature you would like him to include or if you have an idea for a program, even if it's already been done (there's always room for improvement), tell us about it.
The Godspeed eBible Review  -  Tuesday, February 25th
Godspeed Computing released the Godspeed eBible last year and claims that it "is changing the way Christians experience the Bible." Tim used the eBible for two weeks (although not exclusively) and wrote an in-depth review on his experience with it.
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